We no longer sell these products, but highly recommend Repashy!

Repashy SuperCal NoD

Repashy Calcium

INFORMATION: Our Calcium Carbonate is mined from the Mohave Desert in California, where it was deposited as a large graveyard of marine animals. Our calcium is micro ground to an average size of 3.5 microns, and provides the ultimate “stick” when dusted onto insects.


Repashy Meal Replacement Products

It is with great excitement and anticipation that Repashy launches “Grub Pie”, a new product in the Repashy line of gel food premixes. Repashy Grub Pie is a dietary formula designed for insect-eating animals of all kinds. We believe that this revolutionary commercial diet will prove to be a “game changer” in the way we raise, breed, and keep reptiles, amphibians, and other insect-eating species.

Repashy Grub Pie features over 75% cold-pressed Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal (BSFL) with a smell and flavor that incites an almost instinctual feeding response from all kinds of insect-eating animals. Even species that require moving prey and show little interest in freeze-dried insects or pelleted foods currently on the market, have been irresistibly attracted to the smell and taste of Repashy Grub Pie on the first offering. Some individuals of certain species may require “teasing” or training in the first instance to achieve a feeding response and get them to recognize it as a food source.  Bearded dragons, leopard geckos, all skinks, fat tail geckos, dwarf monitors, day geckos, giant geckos, turtles of all kinds, and aquatic amphibians typically find RepashyGrub Pie irresistible. You can see a compilation of user-submitted videos on our Repashy Grub Pie YouTube Playlist .

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