Red Tegu Hatchlings

Black Flame 2019  BWxRed 100% het Anery

Silver Flame 2019    BWxRed Anery

Double Het 50% Blue Albino 50% Red Anery

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Our Red tegus are selectively bred for bold color and white contrast.


B/w “Chacoan” tegus selectively bred for bold striping.

Chacoan 6 19

B/wxred X red hybrids selectively bred for white contrast.

Blue tegus selectively bred for strong facial markings.


Review from Ben Siegel:

“…Robert’s line red tegu. This probable female was produced by a spectacular pair of large old school bright red tegus. The kind you almost never see anymore with amazing color–big huge heavy jowls and docile.This one has incredible color already even at this young age, and that is going to change and get more and more intense. Males are amazing, and even females are colorful, but this animals dam is screaming red as is the father so I see good things in this ones future!”

“TURBO AUCTION-CBB RED TEGU-this animal is stunning. 12 inch probable male Roberts line red that is already coloring up super nice–going to be an BIG RED MONSTER of a docile animal—beautiful!-$400 tegu!–this animal is exploding in neon orange already at 12 inches–imagine at 4ft!!”

Charlie3 8 2014  Charlie Dahlila 7 2014

Dahlila2 2014

17 thoughts on “Available Tegus

  1. I recently purchased my B/WxRed X B/W Chacoan hybrid female from Laura. I have to say that she arrived healthy with a full belly! It’s been one week and I can already handle her comfortably with no fear of biting or tail whipping. She has beautiful little red dots around her vibrant green and dark black colors and eats like crazy. I highly recommend purchasing your animal, and all of your tegu’s needs from YourTegu.com!

  2. I can’t say enough good things about Laura’s tegus.. Last year I bought my first red from her..4 months later I bought my second..another red..then just a month ago I got 2 more babies from her..a hybrid and a chocoan…they are beautiful and sweet and healthy…great eaters..laura is such a wonderful person to deal with..she’s always available for any questions I might have…you can really tell she loves her babies…I won’t ever buy from anyone else..

  3. My chacoan arrived in less than 24 hrs. safe and sound! He ate 8 waxworms less than 15 mins after unpacking him! Great communication from Laura! Looking foreward to my red.

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